Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pipe Dream

What would you do if you could? If you could make a perfect little world for yourself? Do you think of it often, or tuck it away for a special daydream?

My pipe dream? I'd take the things we like to do best and find a way to make a living out of it. Somewhere warm. I can picture a cozy house with lots of bedrooms with puffy duvets on four poster beds. We would run a bed and breakfast where Jeff cooked breakfast in the mornings and I would bake delicious treats for afternoon tea and hang clean white sheets on clothes lines in the morning.

There would be a big garden where we grow raspberries and rows and rows of tomatos. I would have time to do all the ridiculous crafty things I love, quilting, making jam and knitting socks for everyone I know.

Now if we could do all this on an island in Greece that would be even better. Can't you picture Stella chilling on the beach and riding on the back of my moped?

(ps. She didn't get into this position herself... she's been able to prop herself up on her knees this week, but if she's lying down, we're pretty safe that she'll still be there when we get back).

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