Sunday, August 15, 2010

Just another day at the beach

On a beautiful friday afternoon Stella and I took a stroll down to the beach when she got up from her afternoon nap. All our chores were done, and we were ready for our friends who were coming to visit. It was one of those days where we had checked all the check boxes. Elderberry cobbler made, flank steak marinading in the fridge for dinner and everything clean and tidy.

It was such a good afternoon that I decided to take her back again today. They were filming a movie at Sunnyside Pavilion (a place near and dear to our hearts), so we decided to see if we could score a bit part. The Pavilion was set up like a middle eastern market, it was pretty fantastic, but no celebrity sightings.

We found some shade and threw down our blanket for a wee picnic. This summer the city did an espcially good job cleaning up Sunnyside Beach and installed a UV filter system to keep the water clean. Miss Stella hasn't been that into swimming in lakes this summer, but we sat and put our toes in for a little bit. Then we did some people watching and ate Cheerios (or generic organic Breakfast O's).

I forget sometimes that we live so close to the lake, it's so amazing the work and effort that Toronto has put into the waterfront in the last couple years. I feel so lucky that we live close enough to pack a picnic and go down any day of the week. There's play grounds and splash pads and lot's of delicious food.

Walk back home, we stopped on the front porch to brush the sand off our feet and it felt like coming home from a mini vacation.

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