Sunday, July 10, 2011

And We're Back....

This sad sad lonely blog has stood here neglected for far to long. With the solitary reason being, nothing exciting is happening... There's a lot of park, beach, splash pad, nap, back yard pool rinse repeat going on. For realz.

But this weekend we packed up and went to Toronto island for the morning. We had an excellent plan of getting up at our regular time, grabbing the 8:45 ferry and cruising around for a few hours. But our alarm didn't go off. And by alarm I mean the rooster that sleeps in the crib in the next room. Never fear, we made the 9:30 ferry. Which ended up being the wrong ferry, we accidently took the Hanlon's Point ferry. So we got a quick tour of the clothing optional beach. (Just kidding, nudie beaches are for Greece, and not Toronto where you could possibly run into some one you know).

Stella and Jeff at the site of Babe Ruth's first professional home run

We walked the entire length of the island from Hanlon's point to Ward's island, checked out the cottages and then stopped for a delicious picnic. Stella rode the carousel for the first time on a Zeb-ra, while we got dizzy.

We'll definitely be back for some more beach time and picnicing!

On the pier


Ferry ride home