Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Worm.

We currently have an obsession with reading at this house. Little books spread far and wide across every room. We pile them up in stacks on the shelves and in corners of the room. You turn your back and they've magically been thrown across the floor again. A little person brings you a little book to read, only to get 3 pages in and the hunt continues for another book. She pretends to read them, speaking out loud and pointing at each page and using her special language. But she'd be way more convinicing if the book wasn't upside down.

PS. The poor child sprouted 3 teeth this week. Poor babes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello Reno.

After a lot of hard work, our attic space is finally done!

Here's a little before:

This is the way the previous owners had it.

The reno's involved:
*Jeff tearing down all the wall and having insulation snow down on him.
*Snow shovelling all the insulation and busted particle board/cardboard walls into 50 garbage bags
*Kirsten negotiate with a man to take them away and then getting a phone call that it would cost us an extra $100 because they were radioactive.
*Arranging for some one to drywall, going on vacation, and coming back to find they had drywalled a wall that was supposed to be, and several built-in shelves thusly getting a deal.
*Painting. Then having the drywall tape peel, and then repainting after it got fixed.
*Wall papering (the funnest part, seriously)
*Buying non-toxic, super baby friendly corn carpet
*New fireplace, side table, lamp, and comfy chair
*New baseboards
*New curtains and pillow sewn.

And the stripping was finally done.

All for you baby!

Jeff being humble about his hard work!

Ridiculous family self portrait

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Busy busy....

I guess one of my New Year's resolutions is going to have to be keeping the blog updated. Life is going by so quickly that it's nice to be able to look back at our little moments.

Christmas was a whirlwind around here. I worked nights over the holiday so there was a lot of coffee and naps to get through. We had a blast though. Stella wasn`t into opening presents, but she`s definitly enjoying the new toys. Nanna and Poppy got her a new play kitchen and she has a blast putting ALL her toys in the play oven. Stella`s in a really big putting things inside other things phase. Yesterday afternoon she tried to stuff her sock in Jeff`s mouth. I think she was trying to tell him something.

We`re also in an anyday kind of mode for walking. She`s been cruising like mad around the furniture and sometimes even has steps along without holding on. She`s basically walking, but just doesn`t quite realize it yet.

Our new favourite word is UhOh, which we hear about 10 thousand times a day. Other words this week are Da-da, baby, buh-bye and Esh (which must be something cause she says it all the time, but we have yet to figure out its meaning).

So Happy New Year from the Lewis`!

PS. I looked back and realized I accomplished all my resolutions for 2010!