Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drama Queen

Stella has come through her first 3 months of crying for no apparent reason. This morning she even woke me up to her chattering to herself. Waking up to baby talk instead of crying is like waking up to birds chirping instead of your alarm clock. For the most part she really only fusses when she's hungry or over tired.... or it's 530. For some reason the little miss hits a wall at 530 and becomes a gremlin. The cure we've discovered is to take her up to her room, strip off all her clothes and read her books. When this stops working it's bath time. The yelling starts up again while the pjs are being button. Some nights she'll settle in for one last story or we'll say goodnight to her room a la "Good Night Moon". But some nights we need to get down to business and get straight to the bottle.

However the last 5 nights have been what will hence forth be known as Bottle-gate. She LOATHES her bedtime bottle. Night #1 involved trying to wail and suck at the same time. Night #2 was more of suck-suck-wah. Night #4 was wahhhh oh there's a bottle there..suck suck repeat. After searching all day on Wednesday for new bottle nipples we tried to stretch the holes on ours by putting tooth picks through them. No luck. Tonight, night #5, I drove and picked up a variable rate nipple. I could have put $8.99 in a bottle and tried to feed it to Stella with better results. Poor bebe was choking on it cause it just came out too fast. So back to the regular size ones. She must have been so fed up that she just finished the bottle and fell right to sleep...... and so the saga continues.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We've got spirit, how 'bout you?

We're a little obsessed with the Olympics around these parts. So much so that the CTV logo and Olympic rings are burnt into the upper right hand corner of our tv. So much so that our little baby is learning colours by the team jerseys. So much so that we're getting less sleep then when Stella was first born.

No, this is not a pregnancy picture. Stella is tucked into my coat. We took the streetcar downtown to Nathan Phillips Square to check out the Olympic celebrations yesterday afternoon (brought to you by Coke, RBC, CTV and the Globe and Mail). It was really just another chance to throw more marketing at us, but we did enjoy taking Stella out for a family outing.

Other things we've learned about Stella this weekend? She likes when you pretend she's a cheerleader and the song "We are the world". Not sure if she prefers the original version or this years update, as I only know the chorus and just sing that over and over again.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from the Lewis'

Todays activities:

1. Bailey's French Toast and Bacon
2. Running
3. Yatzee
4. Olympics
5. Playing with Stella
6. Tuna steaks and Chocolate Fondue

PS: Stella, I heart him too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My world

Here is my entire world curled up on the couch watching Olympic Speed Skating.

I love weekends. It sounds a bit ridiculous because every day is a weekend for me right? But weekends mean my little family is all together for two straight days. Sometimes I feel like a mother hen cause I just want us all together. I love taking care of us. The other great part about weekends is mornings. Stella usually wakes up for the day around 8 so Jeff scoops her up and brings her in bed with us and she's all smiles and sunshine. I feed her for awhile and it's nice to have company. Being in our bed all three of us is the best feeling in the whole wide world. I would never leave, if there was a coffee maker on the bedside table.

I fully understand why Family Day was invented. Happy Family Day Long Weekend Ontario!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sick Day

Today Stella and I officially declared a sick day. While we have no one to call it in to, I decided it was best to snuggle down at home and take care of each other. I've been able to fight the cold off pretty well over the last couple days, poor Stella doesn't have the power of vitamin C supplements behind her. (And neither of us has the power of coldfx like Jeff). So we're weathering through. I know she can't be feeling well because my throat is scratching and my sinuses kill. My little trooper is all smiles still though, even when she's snorting away trying to breastfeed!

So to take care of my little family (even Jeff is feeling the cold bug) I decided we needed a little TLC of course in the shape of heart-shaped cranberry tea biscuits.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sleeeepppp zzzzzzzzzzzzz

I can not complain about my little sleeper. Stella goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until usually 4am, has a feed and then back to sleep until 8am. But the past two nights I've been wide awake. I think I'm just waiting for the day where she changes things up and decides to feed every 2 hours overnight or something as equally crazy.

I wonder how we were so lucky to get such a good sleeper, especially when I hear stories of other babies that are 8 and 9 months old and still waking up in the middle of the night. I sometimes even feel guilty when people ask me how she's sleeping cause I'm sure they think I'm lying. She doesn't love to nap during the day, but we're slowly figuring that out as well. Stella's a smart girl and we'll find the best routine for us in good time.

The most important thing I've learned is that Jeff and I know Stella best, and what works for other people might not work for us. And the crazy routines that we've come up with probably wouldn't work for other families.

For now, I'm going to take my 8 hours of sleep and run with it!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh No!

This morning one of my worst fears became real.

I found 3 little Stella hairs where her head rests while she's sleeping. From the moment she came out with that glorious head of hair I've dreaded the idea that she might lose it.

We'll keep you updated. She's starting Rogain tomorrow morning.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 months old.

Dear Stella,
Today you are 3 months old! I can't believe you're already a quarter of a year old. We've had a busy 3 months, from our rough start to our many trips for bloodwork. You've grown so much in 3 months, you've gained at least 4 pounds. You've learned so much and we love getting to know everything about you.

I was thinking today about the pictures we took when you were lying in the incubator enjoying the tanning lights when you still seemed like a little stranger to us. Now after spending 3 months together I love learning new things about you; that you love the sound of tic toc and when Daddy tells you secrets. How much you love bath time and that the best way to help you feel better is naked floor time! You're getting so much stronger, practicing you "crab walks" and holding your head up more and more everyday. You like being involved in the action, and at the same level as big people! When I go to the gym you're the best baby in the child minding, when they're all crying you just peacefully watch them. If there's something to look at there's no way you're going to sleep!

You wake up with a smile every morning and finish the day giggling in the bath. You've started splashing in the tub and you watch your toys so intently, I know you're almost ready to grab them.

We love you so much!

Love Momma and Daddy