Thursday, December 16, 2010


Poor neglected Blog

Poor poor neglected blog. Life is so busy that our life has become organized to a Tee. It makes getting things done easier with our perpetually growing checklist on the fridge and our down times much much more enjoyable.

Going back to work has been both hard and easy.

-reconnecting with old friends
-using my brain again and feeling incredibly productive.
-our childcare situation: Stella is happy with Sandy and it's great going to work everyday being secure that not only is she safe, but she's thriving.

-waking up early and getting my butt out the door.
-Not seeing Stella for 2 days sometimes
-night shifts. (The F in night shift is silent)

One of the hardest things has been dealing with people asking (over and over) how I'm doing back at work with a sad, head tilt. And then the resultant guilt because I don't feel the need to tell people it sucks. So far, me being a working mom works for our family. I'm happy being back at a job that I really do love, AND contributing to our family income again. Stella does really well with a fresh person with fun ideas. In the 3 weeks I've been back at work, her pre-walking actions have taken off, she climbs the stairs with missing a beat, and yesterday afternoon she blew me a kiss. Sandy teaches her new things all day because she doesn't have the distractions of cooking and cleaning. Last Friday we were all in the attic playing and Stella just stood up from the floor. Like she'd been doing it her whole life. I love Thursday mornings waking up with her though. And her bright smile when we've been apart for a bit.

So life marches on.