Sunday, July 4, 2010

Eight, eight, eight is great!

Happy 8 months Stella! It's been a busy month, here's just a few of the things we did.

To start we visited Auntie Alicia and Uncle Urgl (I'm really good at sayinghis last name) in Vancouver, went to visit the baby Belugas, ate sushi and saw the mountains. I patted Fletcher lots, met my long distance friend Lila (and Michelle and Tim)and I had my first time change!

When we got home it was really busy. Nanna and Poppy came back to Canada so me and Mommy went camping in Milton to visit them. Mom bought me these super mats so that I won't bump my head anymore, but I barely ever topple over when I'm sitting now! When they got back to Guelph I had to go and visit their house for the first time for a sleepover. Have baby, will travel!

For Father's Day I gave Daddy some special footprints and a cookbook. I can't wait for him to cook for me. He took me swimming at my Aunt Cheryl's and we had a BBQ.

Daddy got a new job this month, but he had lots of time off this month so we got to go to the park!

My friends Tiffany and Pheobe sent me this awesome hairband that I wore to lot's of parties! I got so many compliments.

My Auntie Erin and Uncle Brad babysat me for the first time when Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding. The next day we all went to a party to celebrate them getting married soon.

This weekend we celebrate 3 big things, my first Canada day, My Nanna and Poppy's 35th wedding anniversary, and them finally being home! Lot's of my family was there, I even got to meet Tom and Shirl, who were Mommy's neighbours when she was first born.

After Canada Day we went to visit my friend Henry for his special day. I stayed overnight at Henry's cottage with lot's of Daddy and Mommy's friends.

We had so much fun and now I'm 8 months old! I'm sitting by myself, playing with lot's of toys and I love standing holding Mommy and Daddy's hands. This month I graduated into the big people bath tub and started staying up later to have dinner with Mom & Dad. I love all kinds of food and even feed myself sometimes. Fruits are my favourites, but I love orange veggies too! I've even eaten some salmon this weekend. I laugh at everything, and love playing with my shape blocks, I can even twirl them around on my fingers. I'm sleeping from 8pm until 5 am when I wake up for a snack and head back to sleep for another couple hours. We've been swimming in my pool in the backyard almost every day!

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  1. Tiffani and Phoebe are glad Stella got compliments on her frufru hair band and flower. Phoebe barely tolerates hers, but Mommy loves it. :)

    It's good to be 8 months old.