Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crafty Momma

Eight months into this mommy thing, my child has finally learned how to nap. She usually takes an hour nap in the morning then another couple hours in the afternoon. Naptime is awesome. But, it does leave me with extra time where I'm stuck in the house, and the urge to be productive is strong in this one. Some days I have to nap (like the days where we have an hour long 2am party), but most days, it's time to work on projects! I have way too many things on the go right now:
1. Strip paint and adhesive off walls and stairs in back
2. Knit sweater for Stella
3. Organize Stella's clothes
4. Print photos for guest room
5. Design attic space (paint, carpet etc)
6. what ever ridiculous baking experiment I've been working on
Lucky #7.... Sewing!

I'm completely addicted to sewing. My mom handed down her 25 year old sewing machine which still works like magic. I spend hours looking for new patterns and putting together ideas in my head. I fall asleep thinking about problems I have to solve with little pieces of clothes for Stella. I sort out my old clothes and think about what I could do with them.

My name is Kirsten, and I'm a sewaholic.

My first pillowcase dress, made to match Stella's Auntie's wedding.

My second pillowcare dress. I love this pattern, it's such a broad range of sizes. I made this one for our new little friend Lucy.

This was another one I made for Stella, unfortunately it'll only fit her for about a week. But I love it.

I love this wrap dress, I designed the pattern myself.

And what goes perfect with a short dress?

I wonder at what point, wearing ruffles on your bum is completely ridiculous.

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