Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tooth and a Hair Cut... Two Cents!

So almost by accident, we discovered a little toother making it's way through Stella's bottem gum (I was holding her upside down on my lap after swimming in her pool drying her off).Jeff came home at that moment and we poked her tongue out of the way to get peek at the little chomper. Two days later we could feel an edge, but she still won't let us get close enough for a good look. But it all makes good sense; everytime I left the room this week she would scream murder. Which is completely unlike her, she's normally a very independant young lady. Anyway, 8 months old and our first tooth is almost there! For weeks I've been saying that I would clean up Stella's hair, her hair has been slowly, and scraggly growing into a little baby mullet. But I haven't been able to bring myself to do it. But with the heat this week, those crazy stray hairs have been giving her a little bit of a heat rash. So this morning out came the scissors and we sat her on her playmats for her first haircut. (Excuse my trailer trash appearance, that's a whole other blog entry).

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