Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a wonderful day for a picnic.

We've been feeling a bit couped up in the evenings because Miss Stella heads to bed around 730pm. There's an imaginary tether that connects us to the front porch and one of us has to be tied to it at all times. If only our baby monitor stretched as far as the Film Buff so we could go for a quick ice cream (Chocolate Peanut Butter for me and Pistachio for Jeff). Some nights I'll head out running while Jeff gives Stella her bedtime bottle and puts her down for the night. One of my favourite places to head, is down to the boardwalk which is filled with bikers, strollers and families. So last week, while out running, I created a master plan....

Yesterday afternoon when Jeff got home from work, Stella and I were all ready. We had our picnic packed and we were ready to roll. We had a whole meal of cheese, kolbasa, fresh bread, carrots and dip, blueberries, and raspberry cake for dessert. Stella had quinoa, carrots and turnips, of course she stole some of her favourite blueberries.

After the stinking hot weather we've been having it was amazing to sit in the grass and feel the breeze from the lake. Stella was amused by the people walking past and charmed everyone with her smile. When it got close to bedtime we packed everything up and took Stella home for bed. And that's how we escaped our front porch tether.

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