Monday, May 31, 2010

What I couldn't live without....

I'm starting to feel like a seasoned mom. Stella has grown into an incredibly sweet, content baby, which of course makes me feel like a super mom. But every mom has secret weapons that help them get through the day, so here's my top list. Just in case you have a baby shower to attend this weekend and you haven't thought of a gift yet.

1. Mesh feeder. Fruit goes in, fruit gets squished out through mesh into Stella's mouth. Baby distraction rating 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

2. Kangaroo carrier. I'll say it again. Saved. My. Life. Stella lived in for the month of December. She slept in it on all the flights to Georgia. It's still fantastic to throw her into it and scoot up the street to the store. Thank you Leslie, super mom of three. Moms know best.

3. Books. You can never ever have too many. Always buy a new baby a book.

4. Fuzzy blankets. Stella loves a good fuzzy blanket. She schmooches them against her face when she's falling asleep, she loves the texture.

5. Baby Swing. A wonderful hand me down. The one thing we will definitely buy for baby 2.0. Stella was the fourth baby through this particular swing and it is on it's last legs. Maybe cause we used the heck out of it. It just last week took up it's spot in the basement, the first of many things that Stella will grow out of it.

We have so many other things that we've used, and many things we thought we couldn't live without and have barely touched. We have pjs to outfit an army of babies, but Stella doesn't really wear them anymore (sleep sacks rule).

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