Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This blog is some randomness when trapped under a sleeping baby. We've had a giant jam-packed day, up at 730, some tidying up in the morning, mommy lunch and then a little trip across town to visit with Leslie, Sam and Mae. Our next door neighbour is re-roofing so it's hard to convince Stella to nap in her room. She was so tired that she finally conked out on me. She' sound asleep with her pacifier hanging half out of her mouth and i'm getting a treat of watching Days of our Lives.

So for now I'm trapped.

Yesterday was stella's half birthday, I wish that someone had told me that the first 6 months would be insane but that we would finally get it. There's a horrible myth that it only takes six weeks. I never believed all the parenting books that said I would learn her cries quickly and instantly know what she needed. I finally do but it's been a long process. Mothering doesn't come easy but it does eventually.

I think there's a lot of pressure on moms to do things the right way and what's best for their child. Over the last six months I've met some amazing moms and while everyone has different mommy styles the most important thing is howuch they love and nurture their
babies in conditionally. There is no wrong way to mommy when you love them with your whole heart.

Sorry for all the typos and no pictures..... That's what happens when you're trapped.

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