Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Family Vacation!

For our first family vacation we flew down to meet my parents in Savannah, Georgia. The 10 days were full of so many firsts, Stella's first flight, her first night sleeping away from home, her first time at the beach and her first swim in the ocean.

We stayed in the MoHo on Tybee Island, a beautiful little town just outside of Savannah. It was a little challenging to sleep all 5 of us in the small space, we figured out a game plan after the first couple nights that worked well. Most nights Stella ended up sleeping between Jeff and I after her feed. It was like a little sleep vacation for her. We don't do it often, but it was nice to have cuddle time every morning.

Travelling with little Stella was definitely a new challenge, but we were well prepared. We had a game plan for the flight and I definitely packed "enough" for her. Things that we couldn't have done with out:

1. Stella's stroller/car seat combo. So handy to be able to plop her in and out of the car. We checked her car seat at the gate we had her stroller all ready when we got off the plane to whip through the airport.

2. My kangaroo carrier. Stella slept in it when we went to the baseball game and when I was travelling by myself.

3. New toys, we busted out brand new toys on the plane that she hadn't seen before. Kept her amused. And they were all washable, cause airplane carpet is just plain old gross.

Stella's favourite part of the trip; swimming! She's a little waterbaby now. By the last day she would dunk underwater without a peep.

Jeff's favourite part; the seafood! Oysters and Crab that we de-shelled and scarfed down ourselves. With lot's of beer of course.

My favourite part; spending time with family and of course the shopping!

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