Friday, May 28, 2010

Cherry Scones and the reasoning

Today was a day to bake. I'm supposed to ration how much I bake, because I/Jeff tend to eat what ever the baking project is. But I decided today was a day to bake. So I'm going to provide the reasoning....

1. My eye is exploding. I've had a red eye on and off for weeks and I keep putting it off and making excuses (it's my contact, it's just dry etc etc etc). But last night there was no more avoiding it, so "someone" put their foot down and said I had to go to the doctor. Appointment booked for 2:30. But it still hurts so baking was needed.

2. I had left over cherry pie filling in the fridge. I'm just being thrifty and making sure it gets used up.

3. Jeff bought me a fancy new rolling pin last weekend. It's marble. I feel like a movie star baker.

4. Stella went down for an hour long nap with out a fight. Solid foods, vacation and being 6 months old has changed this kid's life.

So Cherry Scones it was. And they're delicious. Too bad it was just a thrown together recipe so I could probably never duplicate it. They're light and fluffy and perfectly cherry. I can't wait for cherries to come in season in Ontario cause I promised my mom a cherry pie when she gets home.

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  1. I can taste my cherry pie. My mouth is watering.