Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drama Queen

Stella has come through her first 3 months of crying for no apparent reason. This morning she even woke me up to her chattering to herself. Waking up to baby talk instead of crying is like waking up to birds chirping instead of your alarm clock. For the most part she really only fusses when she's hungry or over tired.... or it's 530. For some reason the little miss hits a wall at 530 and becomes a gremlin. The cure we've discovered is to take her up to her room, strip off all her clothes and read her books. When this stops working it's bath time. The yelling starts up again while the pjs are being button. Some nights she'll settle in for one last story or we'll say goodnight to her room a la "Good Night Moon". But some nights we need to get down to business and get straight to the bottle.

However the last 5 nights have been what will hence forth be known as Bottle-gate. She LOATHES her bedtime bottle. Night #1 involved trying to wail and suck at the same time. Night #2 was more of suck-suck-wah. Night #4 was wahhhh oh there's a bottle there..suck suck repeat. After searching all day on Wednesday for new bottle nipples we tried to stretch the holes on ours by putting tooth picks through them. No luck. Tonight, night #5, I drove and picked up a variable rate nipple. I could have put $8.99 in a bottle and tried to feed it to Stella with better results. Poor bebe was choking on it cause it just came out too fast. So back to the regular size ones. She must have been so fed up that she just finished the bottle and fell right to sleep...... and so the saga continues.

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