Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 months old.

Dear Stella,
Today you are 3 months old! I can't believe you're already a quarter of a year old. We've had a busy 3 months, from our rough start to our many trips for bloodwork. You've grown so much in 3 months, you've gained at least 4 pounds. You've learned so much and we love getting to know everything about you.

I was thinking today about the pictures we took when you were lying in the incubator enjoying the tanning lights when you still seemed like a little stranger to us. Now after spending 3 months together I love learning new things about you; that you love the sound of tic toc and when Daddy tells you secrets. How much you love bath time and that the best way to help you feel better is naked floor time! You're getting so much stronger, practicing you "crab walks" and holding your head up more and more everyday. You like being involved in the action, and at the same level as big people! When I go to the gym you're the best baby in the child minding, when they're all crying you just peacefully watch them. If there's something to look at there's no way you're going to sleep!

You wake up with a smile every morning and finish the day giggling in the bath. You've started splashing in the tub and you watch your toys so intently, I know you're almost ready to grab them.

We love you so much!

Love Momma and Daddy

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