Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pull up your socks...

Our milestone explosion continues. Stella is trying to pull up on everything, she even sits and play on her knees now. Unfortunately, she's usually playing with the cable box. Naptime has been challenging, but we've got a new plan to start tomorrow.

This weekend was quite busy, Jeff and I primed the walls in the attic. Our attic project hit a big road bump with our busy summer, but we're back on track now. Just seeing that first step was awesome, it's starting too look like a real room instead of a construction site. Later that afternoon we went and met some friends at the Ceili Cottage for a beer. They had home made kettle chips!

Today Jeff put the colour on the walls while Stella and I were at a baby shower for our awesome friend Nat. It looks awesome. We have so many great plans for the room. Tonight while Stella was in the bath and laughing I spied Tooth #4 breaking through!

I can see you!

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