Thursday, October 7, 2010

Milestone machine

Stella's 11 month birthday kind of flew by. It was on Monday and I was busy worrying about Tuesday. (Don't worry, I still had a double chocolate dried cranberry cookie from Cherry Bomb). Tuesday Stella had her tests at Sick kids as follow up to the UTI she had this summer. She had an ultrasound of her kidneys, which she didn't like only because we had to hold her on her back and she wanted to play with the cords. Then she had a VCUG which involved putting in a catheter, filling her bladder with a contrast dye and watching her pee on a camera. It went much better than the ultrasound (which was good cause only one parent was allowed in and I'm not strong enough to lasso this calf.).

Even though we were stressed, (we=me, Jeff is the rational one when it comes to this stuff), Stella manages to lighten the mood. This week she has pulled up on the stairs, clapped her hands (while floating on her back in the pool), and climbed a step (which she then fell off of). Our little sack of potatos is on the move.

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