Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do's And Don'ts

Advice I would take:

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Amen.

Capture every moment, cause it goes by so fast. (It does. So so so so fast.)

You'll never wish you hugged them less.

Advice to forget:

Sleep training. I'm going to forget it, all of it.

If you don't teach your baby to sleep, it's like giving them junkfood. (Yes, a sleep doula actually said those very words).

Don't pick them up every time they cry.

There will be a finite number of days where their little heads fit in the crook of your arm, when they're the perfect height that their faces can be smooshed against your should when their standing on your lap. The joy of learning new things, like clapping hands or making ET fingers will fade. Soon there will be new faces that fill their days and you won't know every second of their history.

Kiss and cuddles don't spoil a child, loving so much can only make things better. I remind myself this every time there's a tough day, or a drawn out bedtime. Time goes to fast.

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