Saturday, October 16, 2010

10km Zoo run and Stella's first time at the zoo!

Today I ran the 10km run at the Toronto Zoo. It was my first time and an amazing course. Hilly, but nice and gentle, but the time you were tired of the uphill, you were on your way back down again! It felt awesome, I guess that's what happens when you normally run pushing an extra 40 pounds. I got to jog with some zebras and run a 55:12. I kicked some ass.

We took Stella for a spin around the zoo, she was more interested in checking out other kids than the animals! We saw the orangatans, gorillas, zebras, one lonely giraffe, hippos, rhinos, lions and tigers! We had a great stroll around with the family, and Stella took a wee nap as well.

We got stuck in horrible traffic on the way home and took a detour to pick up a new jacket for Jeff. And when we took Stella out of the carseat..... phhhhffffeeeeetttt (that's the noise of a giant poo explosion). Luckily we were near a Babies 'R us and Jeff ran in to grab her some new clothes. (I've become lax, I used to never leave home without extra clothes, but we haven't needed them in 5 months!) No harm done, Jeff got a new jacket and we got home for a nap.

And the best treat? Chocolate dipped potato chips. Enough said.

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