Friday, June 4, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Today is Stella's 7 month birthday! Yesterday we flew to Vancouver to visit my sister Alicia, her husband Chris (the uncle who talks funny) and their ADORABLE new puppy Fletcher (aka Grand Master Fletcher). So we got to spend Stella's Month-aversary with her Auntie and Uncle.

To celebrate we went to the Vancouver Aquarium and ate sushi. Stella's favourite bathtime song is Baby Beluga so we of course had to spend some time with them. They have two baby belugas there and we watched them swim underwater and in their pool. Stella was more interested in watching the tv screen with beluga information than the actual belugas. The dolphins jumped in front of her face and the seals did flips beside her. She was a little afraid of the big animals, but she loved when we went inside to the smaller exhibits.

The aquarium is basically baby heaven. Stella loves flashing bright things. We stopped letting her watch tv months ago, but this is basically educational! All the fish we saw were native to the pacific coast around British Columbia, who knew that diving around Canada could be so colourful.

Stella's absolute favourite was the jelly fish. These photos look like video screens, but they're actual tanks of jellyfish. She pressed her little hands against the tank to try and touch the floating fish. It's so much fun to watch her explore the world and discover new things. She gets more and more adventurous everyday. She's standing better every day and showing off her brave side.
For dinner we went to Alicia and Chris' favourite sushi restaurant, Namoo. It was absolutely delicious, maybe because this was the first time I'd been out for sushi since Stella was born. It was actually only the second time that I have been out for dinner with Stella, normally we're in full meltdown/bedtime mode at this time. Apparently mountain time agrees with Stella.
This kid is doing amazing. She got over her jet leg in one day with zero fits. She quickly adapted to a new schedule.

So Happy Lucky Number Seven Stella My Love.

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