Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! For Jeff's first father's day Stella let him sleep in! And she got him some treats, a special notebook to keep her handprints every year, a clay imprint of her foot and hand for his desk at work and a Jamie Oliver cookbook (the new revolution of food one). We went for the the afternoon to Auntie Cheryl's for swimming in the pool and a bbq. Stella had a blast in the pool showing off her swimming to Lindy. In honor of father's day here's a list of Stella's favourite Daddy things:

1. Bedtime bottle with Daddy for the last snuggles of the day
2. Playing airplane on the couch/watching "the game".
3. Lot's and lot's of music appreciation
4. Storytime cause Daddy makes the funny voices
5. Eating Daddy's tie when he gets home from work.
6. Secret bedtime kisses for the last check before Mommy & Daddy go to bed. (And I love that when he comes to bed he always says how awesome she is, makes my heart feel good).

So Happy First Father's day Daddy/Jeff, we love you lots and lots and lots!

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