Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Alone Time

True quality alone time is something that is rare around these parts. Usually if I've got a moment to myself it's to run errands and I'm typically just worrying about Stella. But Jeff has had a bit of time off lately and it has been heaven. Last Thursday he was "working from home" because of the G20 and the protests downtown, we knew that he would be ahead of time so I booked myself a massage with the gift certificate Jeff gave me to my favourite spa (thanks baby!) for mother's day. Pure heaven. 60 minutes of luxury. Then I took a little stroll along Queen St. West in our old neighbourhood. I'm finally starting to feel like there are other aspects to me besides being a mom, the all encompassing fog is starting to lift.

And then another moment on Saturday morning. It was drizzly and damp but I very badly needed a run. Jeff has mastered getting Stella to nap, he seems to be able to get her down for 2 hour stretches where I can usually only get an hour. So I left them with the their vinyl and the breakfast dishes pulled on my marathon shirt and hit the road. The weather was perfect, almost too warm but enough drizzle to keep you cool. I was determined to find some new ground as I've been running the same 30 minute loop for months. Out the railway trail between the GO train tracks and old factories, up along Annette and past numerous houses we looked when we were househunting. The it started pouring, which only made me feel sorry for the people inside who weren't out running. The scent of bacon and eggs coming from windows, happy knowing I was running home for my own "second breakfast". Back through the park, legs spinning down Spring Rd Hill, through the green green wetness. Pure freedom.

This was me 4 and a half years ago when I finished my first (and only) marathon, I was just about to meet Jeff and in my last semester of nursing school. It was the beginning of so many wonderful things to come. I'm not in any shape to run a marathon, or even a half, but I'll get back there again some day. For now I'll enjoy my alone time and my freedom runs.

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