Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A solid 6 months!

Monday was Stella's 6 month appointment (a bit early due to VACATION!). Dr Singwi gave us the A-OK to go ahead and start introducing some solids. Last night we tried rice cereal for the first time! This morning Stella and I had our first breakfast together.

As you can see, more is coming out than is going in!

And she was probably more interested as usual in her bib.

"I think I could do this."

Food is fun!

"Really Mom, I got this".

Next up, Avocado!

Stella's 6 month appointment stats:

Weight 14pounds 13 ounces
Length 69cm
Head 41 cm

They think they messed up when the did her 4 month length and head circumfrance because she was way off the chart on that day and has now gone back to her regular curve. Her weight went up 21 oz in 48 days which is probably not as much as it should, but Dr Singwi said we would just watch for her next appointment. We'll see how things go with her bloodwork next week to check her thyroid hormones.

Oh and Stella was a champ with her needles, she's so forgiving!


  1. The pic with the big smile - she looks like her Dad!

  2. Phoebe is so proud of Stella. Food is fun!

  3. SO cute! I love her expressions!