Friday, November 19, 2010


Oh poor neglected blog....

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind of teeth, snotty noses, stomach bugs, birthday fun, the new nanny starting and getting ready to go back to work. The Blueberry has been more grumpy than not, but those two teeth are finally through and the colds seems to be clearing up (except mine, how did I get sick first and I'm the last to get better?).

The last two days have been nice and quiet. Stella and I have had some time to play together in the new attic space with some of her new birthday toys. She's getting to be so big, and plays in new fun ways every day. Some of her new tricks.....

* Stella loves putting a block into her little bucket and shaking it to make noise until it falls out. Hmmmmm putting things into other things, how far are we from cleaning up toys?

* She's discovered the springy door stops and high tails it into the guest room to sprung sprung sprung the door stop by the closet.

* She's climbing stairs now, well really just two stairs. She loves kneeling there and playing on the bottem step.

* Two nights ago, we taught Stella how to press a button her new boat that she got from Nanna and Poppy. It makes a bunch of sounds and then sings a song (which we know by heart). Today the batteries wore out from her using it so much. Well loved. It's fun to see her learn new tricks after just a few demonstrations, and remember the fun

* We have a new game of playing serious face. She looks at me very seriously and I have to match her face to see who can be serious the longest. Poor kid loses everytime.

* And my favourite thing, Stella loves showing me her toys. If she sees something she likes, she holds it out to me with a look that says "Oh man, have you seen how cool this is?". She's so proud of herself when she makes them do something new.

Miss Blueberry gets more independant everyday. Last weekend we finished breastfeeding and Stella has been a trooper (better than mom), she's warming up to Sandy, the woman who's going to take care of her when I go back to work in a couple more weeks and started pointed to the laptop and saying "Bay-bee?" when she wants to pictures of herself or her friends. You might notice I'm taking a lot less pictures than I used to, mainly cause she will. not. sit. still. anymore!

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