Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stella's first birthday

Dear Stella, It's your birthday! A year ago today we met for the first time and our family became a threesome. We all started on the adventure of a lifetime. Our start was a bit bumpy, but things have gotten better and better every month. It was the first challenges that helped us turn into the parents we needed to be. We hit the ground running and never slowed down. But through the hard stuff, we've had countless victories and experiences.

You are a joyful sweet child. You love other babies and get so excited when you see a stroller coming towards us. You try to catch the attention of people in the grocery store so you can flash them one of your beautiful smiles. Being your parents has made our life a million times better.

We love you so much,

Momma and Daddy

Something about today feels like a victory. We've made it through the first year, that's definitely something to celebrate. We've learned the in's and out's of a complicated person. Stella sleeps through the night, loves food and enjoys life. I don't think we could ask for more than that out of a one year old. And something I have to brag about, I breastfed Stella for an entire year. We love everyday and the future just keeps looking better and better. What a great celebration we had today, swimming lessons with Dad, lunch at Stockyards where they treated you to a buttermilk biscuit, fun afternoon playing at home, butternut squash mac and cheese, and delicious cupcakes. We're so excited to celebrate with your whole family on Sunday.

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