Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jump Around

Who knew someday I would be quoting a House of Pain song on my mommy-blog. Just another thing that tells me I've reached Mommyhood. The other thing this week? Yesterday I spent the entire day with barf in my hair. When said incident occurred I was on my way out to the grocery store, so I just tied it back in a pony tail. Then the day got away from me and I totally forgot until the afternoon before Jeff came home. Awesome. Before you judge me, baby-barf is not like regular barf. It has a sweet milky smell to it, still not a good reason to walk around with it in your hair. Back to the jumping, here is Miss Stella rocking the jumperoo and telling a story about it.


  1. Is she also reading the paper?

  2. Just the lifestyle section, nothing too deep