Thursday, March 18, 2010

A busy couple of weeks!

I feel so behind on keeping track of this month! Right before my birthday our laptop had an "accident". 2 years ago when we sent it away to have the powercord connection fixed it came back with a crack. We never did anything with it as just getting the power outlet fixed took weeks. Unfortunately last week this came to a header. Jeff closed the laptop and one hinge snapped! The screen was only half held on! Jeff immediately called as it was still under warranty. The un-named companies response of course: "Why didn't you send it back right away?". So after a lot of "Can I speak to your manager", and continuing up the chain of management, Jeff got our laptop fixed for free! So finally it's coming home tonight.

My birthday was wonderful. I had spent weeks dreading it. Reason number one was the enormity of the number. Reason number two was who different this birthday would be. Past birthdays had been spent at the spa, lunch with friends, probably afternoon drinks followed by evening drinks and a very late bedtime. This year I faced a day spent solo (well solo except for my mini me). But all in all it was a great day! Stella and I went shopping in the morning at my favourite place to buy baby clothes, Joe Fresh. Then in the afternoon I decided we had to get out of the house eventhough it was pooring so we grabbed a latte and headed to baby group. The best part of the day? Jeff's sister, Cheryl, her husband Adam and their cute pup, Lindy came into babysit. Jeff organized a great group of friends to head to Stone's place for a good night out. I had an absolute blast. Since I've had Stella I've had some difficulty in large groups, mainly cause sleep deprievation had turned my brain to mush and I had trouble carrying on conversations. I definitely felt like my old self... just new and improved as a momma! Plus I had a killer dress from H&M and kick ass boots.

So much more to report but this has already taken me two days to get down!

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