Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And time marchs on.....

We're already well into March and my little blueberry is growing like a spring time flower! Today was our 4 month visit to Dr. Singwi and along with her 4 month vaccines she had all her measurements done. Today's weight was 13 pounds and 7.8 ounces. She's gained 2 pounds and 14 ounces since her last appointment on January 6th. I thought she would have gained a little bit more, but when you spend the better part of 2 months with hyperthyroid on medications than you burn through some calories.

Stella had a great visit with her Nanny and Poppy. We spent some time yesterday thinking about what kinds of things she'll be doing when we fly to Georgia; sitting up, hopefully finally rolling over and even starting into some solids.

Today we chatted with the doctor about starting solids. I don't really have any plans to start anything until she's 5 months old. She's started watching us eat very closely, but has yet to reach for anything. She does like to lick apples and grapes!

All this talk about things loving forward makes me want to hold on to how little and sweet she is right now.

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  1. We had a great visit too. We keep looking at our pics and cherishing our memories. Not to wish time away but I might have to start ticking the calendar for May 8th.