Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love it or Hate it

Little Miss Stella hates tummy time. The only person who hates it almost as much is me. Don't be fooled by yesterday's picture, she was tricking you into thinking she'll tolerate lying on her stomach. She's sneaky like that. This is how tummytime usually goes:

1. Mommy rolls Stella on her belly.
2. Stella looks around (approximate time 30 seconds)
3. Stella realizes she's on her stomach and starts to fuss.
4. Fussing quickly evolves into a yell. Not a cry, it's like she's yelling "get me off of here!
5. Mommy attempts to give Stella a pacifier to prolong tummytime.
6. One of two things happens a. Stella falls asleep b. the yelling continues.

Approximate length of tummytime = as long as 3 minutes. If we try longer than that we might get some crying for up to 20 minutes after being picked up. This is Stella's way of teaching us... "Do not do that again".

Note as well... at no time does she really try to lift herself up. She's lucky she's so cute :)

1 comment:

  1. Aiden likes tummy time on his daddy's stomach. He does not like it on the floor, couch, crib, bed, etc. He screams like mad when he realizes he's on his stomach!