Monday, January 18, 2010

Fluffy bum

Today is our 41st day of cloth diapering. In the last 41 days, we have used maybe 6 disposible diapers. Hurray for us! I have a massive addiction to and obsession with cloth diapers. I could read about them all day long. I love them. What I love most; the fact that we don't fill our green bin with diapers. I had thought all along that I would want to do cloth diapers. After the first month of bag after heavy bag of disposible diapers being carted out to the bins, I knew there was no way I would/could keep that up.

Today I took a trip to the great cloth diaper store on Bloor west, Diaperezz. First, it's very good that this store is not within walking distance. I might be there every day! We bought 12 prefolds and two more diaper covers. 12 prefold diapers cost $30. That's $2.50 each. And they have a ridiculous life span. So I'm saving money on diapers, and I'm saving money on my garbage bin size. Here in Toronto if you can't fit all your garbage in your bin, you have to pay for additional bags. And the bin is not big, I have no idea where we put all the diapers!

But Momma, what about all the laundry? Well, we don't use detergent with cloth diapers, usually just a bit of baking soda. And the laundry's being done anyway! I can't wait for the warm weather so I can start drying everything outside.

Also, I may have solved my never ending baby sock problem today....

I really wanted these bad boys but since they were made in the UK I wasn't sure if they would have them in Canada. Sure enough they had them at Diaperezz. A-mazing.

Finally, I must have this doll....

Overall a very fun outing. Now that we've gotten past this 10 week growth spurt, and seem to have medications in order, Kirsten & Stella are on the move!


  1. Do you use diaper pins or snappies? I plan to start cloth diapering as soon as I can find one or the other.

  2. I use snappies, they're so brainless. I did forget to pick up an extra one at the store though!