Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning Curve

Jeff gave me a gift card to Henry's so I could buy myself a new camera lens (Though, when I mentioned I wanted a new lens, he said "Another one?"). My Nikon 50mm F1.8 came this week. I'm madly in love. However, it's damn hard to use.

Shooting with such a large aperature leads to a very narrow field of focus and a moving target tends to move in and out of that very quickly. But look how pretty the colours look! And all the gorgeous details.

This young man is a good sport, he'll sit still for TWO SECONDS.


Sometimes you just have to wait for this to happen. Night Night Friends.

Which is good, cause then this happens....


  1. love love love the one with Stella climbing out of the tub. The toys create this fun blown out but colourful background.

    Having a wide aperture should keep your shutter speed faster but an active subject still creates challenges. Try playing with your ISO settings too. A higher ISO will give you a faster shutter speed in AP mode, but be careful cause high ISO can = icky grainy look. Check if your camera has Auto ISO too. That way you can set a max shutter speed and if the current Aperture and ISO setting arent' sufficient it will automatically pump up your ISO to keep to the shutter speed.

  2. Loved the pics but especially loved the chocolate delight.
    Poppy loved the length of hair.....