Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A perfect kind of day

This holiday weekend was a whirlwind! Saturday and Sunday were spent celebrating Erin's end of single like with her bachelorette festivities. The old woman in me enjoyed the limo ride to the wineries and picnic, while the party girl still hiding somewhere had a blast singing at the top of her lungs and shaking her booty to the band.

Luckily, this weekend came with an extra day. Phew. A well deserved, long awaited extra family day. Monday was our second wedding anniversary, our cotton anniversary. While we had hoped to do some geocaching (yes, big nerd over here, and I must admit, it's all me and very (very) little of Jeff's desire to Geocache), it was a bit too rainy looking outside. But somehow the stars were aligned and the Jays were playing an afternoon game. When we lived on Portland street we went to the games almost every week. Beer at the stadium just tastes better, especially when it's got a side of a hotdog. And popcorn. And maybe some nachos. And an icecream. This was our first time taking Stella and it was a success! She had such a good time checking out the field and all the people. She must have done a good job cheering, cause they won 7-2 against the Texas Rangers.

When we got home, Stella and I took a quick nap and Jeff started dinner. My husband spoiled me this year; diamond earrings and a delicious steak dinner. The man knows the way too my heart! He even made ceasar salad dressing from scratch. That, plus, the blue cheese twice baked potato, I might have to be rolled down the aisle next weekend at Erin and Brad's wedding!

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