Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And We're Off!

Goodbye Summer.

Goodbye hot hot days and swimming in the afternoon.

Goodbye teeny tiny sundresses and barefeet all the time.

Goodbye watermelon parties and beach outings.

We'll miss you!

To celebrate the last day of summer, Stella decided to crawl. She's slow and a little timid and wobbly, but there's definite arm and leg forward movements. It started on Saturday when she got on to her bum once. Then she did it all day on Sunday. Then Monday morning we woke up to a big girl sitting in the corner of her crib. Yesterday afternoon it was warm and we were catching the last bits of afternoon sun in the backgarden. Slow and steady she made her way across her mats. This morning, she even made it across the kitchen floor to grab my pant leg. She's a woman on the move.

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