Wednesday, February 2, 2011

They call it work for a reason

Work sucks.

Well sometimes.

I guess it would be called fun if it was great all the time. Today was just one.of.those.days. The kind that are frustrating, and inconvenient, and the kind where I call from the OR waiting room at 5pm cause I haven't eaten lunch and I've just gotten another dirty look from a fancy pants surgeon because he's annoyed that I/the collective nursing brain have not done something that should have been done(and should have been done on the weekend while I was still lying on a beach in Mexico), and I'm threatening to quit (jokingly). And I'm dragged into the OR to help, my most hated place in the world.


Good thing tomorrows a home day and we're going to swimming lessons!

PS. This little picture buzzed my pockets at 6pm when steam started coming out my ears like a little tea kettle.

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