Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello Reno.

After a lot of hard work, our attic space is finally done!

Here's a little before:

This is the way the previous owners had it.

The reno's involved:
*Jeff tearing down all the wall and having insulation snow down on him.
*Snow shovelling all the insulation and busted particle board/cardboard walls into 50 garbage bags
*Kirsten negotiate with a man to take them away and then getting a phone call that it would cost us an extra $100 because they were radioactive.
*Arranging for some one to drywall, going on vacation, and coming back to find they had drywalled a wall that was supposed to be, and several built-in shelves thusly getting a deal.
*Painting. Then having the drywall tape peel, and then repainting after it got fixed.
*Wall papering (the funnest part, seriously)
*Buying non-toxic, super baby friendly corn carpet
*New fireplace, side table, lamp, and comfy chair
*New baseboards
*New curtains and pillow sewn.

And the stripping was finally done.

All for you baby!

Jeff being humble about his hard work!

Ridiculous family self portrait

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