Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby bean sprout

This baby is growing like a weed! Today at the doctors, eventhough the appointment was for me, I asked if they could weigh Stella. She's up to 3.84kg. She doesn't look any chubbier, but she's definitely getting longer. Her pajamas are getting too short!

Today was also our first day of cloth diapering which is quite challenging. I've only got 12 prefolds right now which are a bit bulky on her. There's another system out there as well called "Flip" which seems to be a trimmer fit. So we might pick up some of those to try as well.

Finally my victory for the day... I've managed to get Stella down for bedtime all by myself! Jeff is at his infant first aid class so I'm home alone tonight.

Stella is super excited to breakfast with her Nanna and Poppy tomorrow morning.

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